Masters style rules, no contact. 3v3

  • Stick-checks allowed on ball-carrier only.
  • Players will be warned once about no contact, if they continue, a two-minute penalty will be assessed.
  • If the ball is loose anywhere on the floor, all players can make an attempt to pick up the ball. No-contact permitted when going for a loose ball. Possession will be awarded right away to the other team if a player stick checks or body checks the opponent going for the loose ball.
  • No Fighting (Kicked out of the league).
  • No Face to Face verbal confrontations, two-minute unsportsmanlike penalty will be assessed to both players.
  • While on defence, no more than one player can defend an opponent at any time.
  • For example, a defense is not allowed to double team a player who is killing a penalty, play blown down if this happens and a new 30-second possession begins.
  • Team on a powerplay can have more than one player attempt to pick up a loose ball, but if a member of the shorthanded team picks up loose ball, the other team is still not permitted to double the ball-carrier. Only one player can stay and defend the ball-carrier and other teammate must back off. A new 30-second possession will be awarded to the shorthanded team if this occurs.

Other Rules & Guidelines

  • 3-on-3 play. More space on the floor to encourage highly skilled play-making.
  • 5 seconds with the ball
  • Can’t run through more than 2 players
  • Two – 24-minute halves will be played.
  • No face-offs.
  • Both teams will start the game on the end line of their own end. The away team will receive the ball at the start of the game and play will be blown in and the away team will run up the floor to begin the game on offense. The home team will receive the ball to begin the second half.
  • After a goal is scored, the goalie (or player if the goalie is pulled) will pull the ball out of the net with their stick and play will re-start on the referee’s whistle.
  • Only one goalie or player allowed in the crease when restarting play after a goal is scored.
  • Both teams have the option to change lines after a goal is scored.
  • Play will resume 20 seconds after a goal is scored, giving both teams enough time to make a line change if needed.
  • No shaking hands between the teams before or after the game.
  • No player stats will be kept, only team scores and standings.